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The Story

After 12 years of estrangement, a young man reunites with his aging Father to draw up a will. Things get terrifying as he fights for his life against an evil stepmother who wants his inheritance.

In the fields of a Mediterranean village in Croatia, Ante, an aging man of the land, tends to his olives and grapes. From the shadows, a rusty ax strikes him against his head. A powerful blow. He lays in a pool of his own blood. We never see who did it.

In Los Angeles, Leo an unemployed stockbroker fights the oppressive traffic. Los Angeles is dirty and full of homeless people with broken dreams. Ante lives alone. His mother died when he was eight, and he’s estranged from his father, Ante, for over 12 years.

Leo gets a call from Ante, he wants him to finish his will. Leo arrives to meet Ante’s stepson, Igor. Igor pushes Leo to the ground. A sweet but stern looking Stepmother stops a fight. Next morning Ante shows Leo how to use the grass cutter, machete, and other tools.

He’s bonding, father and son together working the land. That evening Leo gives his Stepmother a lesson in social media. He takes her photo. He uploads it and shows her how to use it. Leo and Ante meet with a Lawyer. Ante is leaving a vast fortune to Leo. The court date to finish the will is set in one week. All is well when Velamire, a family worker warns Leo about his Stepmother, “You’re messing up her plan.”

Upstairs in his room, Leo overhears Stepmother talking on the phone in Croatian. He writes down and translates. Leo confronts Ante and tells him that Stepmother has a lawyer, and she’s doing things behind his back. Ante erupts and tells Leo not to talk about his wife again.

The next morning Stepmother cries in Leo’s arms, claiming Ante is “bad to her.” Strange things begin to happen to Leo. His social media gets hacked. He’s accused of having an affair, and he discovers a poison in his morning breakfast. Leo researches Stepmothers past and discovers she has ties to extremists political party.

The night before the court hearing Leo gets attacked by Igor. At the house Leo discovers Ante tied up, and foaming at the mouth. Leo and Stepmother play a brutal game of cat and mouse before Leo kills Stepmother and saves his father. The next morning a disheveled Leo stands in front of the judge who approves the will. At home, Leo begins to bandage up one of Ante wounds. Father and son, a unit, a little family looking after each other.





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