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Leo ( The Son )

Leo is a lover and not a fighter.

A leader and not a follower.

A boy who’s yet to be a man.

And he plays the victim too often in his life.

Leo is a mid 20’s male who has grown up without a father. His father left him when he was nine years old. This major traumatic event has shaped his life to the point where this story begins.

He never had a father, which triggered his childhood amnesia. Leo can’t remember any childhood memories when it comes to his father.

Leo is a boy without a father. A young man in need of guidance. During the story, Leo gets to confront the unresolved about his father.


A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

If you go to bed with her, you may wake up to a knife to your throat.

She’s old school and new school.

Stepmother grew up in a small eastern European village under communist rule. She grew up oppressed and learned the black market way of life. Her father taught her well, taught her like the son he never had.

She would be proficient in weaponry; hand to hand combat and specialists with the blade. A small knife she would keep in her sock.

Stepmother found her way to America and married Leo’s father, Ante. He has been kind to her, and she has been good to him. But Stepmother counted on the estrangement between father and son to last.

But when Leo turns up to gets what is his, his inheritance, she has other plans. Or her plans get exposed. She gets exposed, and the fight is to the death.

Stepmother will manipulate, threaten and fight to gets what is his, Leo’s inheritance.

Ante ( The Father )

Ante is tough as nails. Old school military background. He’s a war veteran, a patriot. His story is that of the immigrant story.

Ante is an immigrant who moved from Croatia to Los Angeles to give himself a better life. He had a family with his first wife, had some kids and got divorced.

He would never have thought that after 15 years he’d seen his son again. Ante married Stepmother eight years ago as he started a new family. He wanted a wife again, and a kid, but that didn’t happen.

Ante is a battle ax and butter when it comes to Stepmother. His kryptonite, his Achilles heel is his softness for Stepmother.

“In the end, horror and suspense fans will certainly get their thrills”.